Below is a complete list of records and CDs that Wrench Records Mailorder currently have in stock. If you wish to buy any of the items below, you will first of all need to check the postage rates. Postage rates for single items to the UK are shown in the right hand column of the table; if you are ordering more than one item, or you are from outside the UK, please check the postage rates at the bottom of this screen. Once you have done this, you may either pay by post (address at the bottom of this screen) or by Paypal.

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Artist Title Format Price (£) Post to UK (£)
TALON SALONCompil7"2.501.50
TANKStanding In Your Way7"2.501.50
TATORT TOILETHeil HightechLP6.953.20
TATORT TOILETHeil HightechCD6.951.50
TAXILike A DogCD6.951.50
TAXIWho's To Blame7"2.751.50
TEAR IT UPI Feel Better Already7"3.951.50
TEAR IT UPTear It Up7"3.951.50
TEARSThe TearsCD6.951.50
TEDDY BOYS FROM THE CRYPTPay The Price!7"3.751.50
TEE PEESYou're A Turd7"3.751.50
TEEN COOLSplit with Gun Crazy7"3.251.50
TEENAGE BRATPACKCompil incl Apers, Wimpys7"2.751.50
TEENAGE CRIME WAVECompil of girl bands7"2.501.50
TEENAGE KINGSDont Fool Me7"2.501.50
TEENAGE TRICKSTurning Teenage Tricks7"3.501.50
TEENHEATDemos ArchiveLP7.253.20
TELEVISION PERSONALITIESAll The Young Children On Crack7"3.751.50
TEMPORAL SLUTSBroken Inside7"2.501.50
TEMPORAL SLUTSDont Worry7"2.501.50
TEN BUCK FUCKHole In My Backyard7"2.501.50
TERMINALSForget About NeverLP6.953.20
TERVEET KADETSign Of The CrossCD5.951.50
TESTORSLive Recordings 1976-1979LP + poster6.953.20
TESTORSOriginal Punk Recordings NYCVol. 2 10"5.953.20
TEXAS TERRI BOMBYour Lips My AssLP6.953.20
THE LINES WE CROSSEnlightened Path7"3.751.50
THREE YEARS DOWNSneakin In7"2.751.50
THRILLED SKINNYThey said we wouldn’tLP5.003.20
THROBBIN URGESThrobbin UrgesLP6.953.20
THUNDERCRACKHere Comes...7"2.501.50
THURNEMANLuggsliten Levnad7"3.951.50
TIGHT FINKSA Handful Of Cheap TricksCD6.951.50
TIME TO ESCAPECost Of Living7"3.951.50
TINA, AGE 13Alcoholic FatherCD6.951.50
TIPPER'S GOREMusical Holocaust7"3.951.50
TIPPER'S GORESplit w/ Makabert Fynd7"3.951.50
TIPPER'S GOREUnsettling Loss7"3.951.50
TO BE HATEDBanned In Dade County7"3.951.50
TOLSHOCKSpikes and Studs7"2.501.50
TOMMY GUN & THE BULLETSTomy Gun & The BulletsCD6.951.50
TORCHA SHEDNihilism On The Prowl7"3.951.50
TORGThe DumbeningCD6.951.50
TOUCH-ME-NOTSSheldon Munn10"5.953.20
TOXIC FUSEAfraid Of LoveLP6.953.20
TOXIC FUSECan't Beat My Love7"3.951.50
TOXIC FUSEGone Too Long7"3.951.50
TRAGEDYSplit w/ Totalitar7"3.951.50
TRMRSSea ThingsLP7.953.20
TRONICSWhats the Hubub BubCD6.951.50
TUNDRA FUCKSHanging Around Here7"3.951.50
TURPENTINESNo Salvation7"2.751.50
TV KILLERSPlaying Bad Music since 92CD6.951.50
TV KILLERSSplosh You Up7"3.951.50
TWERPSWill Play For Food7"3.951.50
TYRED EYESToo Late To Make It Right7"3.501.50



LPs / 12"s / 10"s: 1 or 2 records £3.20; 3 to 7 records £3.60; 8 to 14 records £7.10; 15 or more records please email for quote
7"s: 1 or 2 records £1.50; 3 to 5 records £1.80; 6 to 9 records £2.90; 10 or more records £3.60 for the first 10 plus 35p each extra
CDs: 1 CD £1.50; 2 CDs £1.80; 3 to 5 CDs £3; 6 or more CDs £3.50 for the first 6 plus 50p each extra.
Comics/Zines: £1.50 each
Flexis: 10p if you order one with something else, otherwise £1.50

Europe airmail / Rest Of World surface mail:
LPs / 12"s / 10"s: 1 LP £5.90; 2 or 3 LPs £8.60; 4 or more LPs £11.40 for the first 4 plus £1.50 each extra
7"s: 1 or 2 records £3.85; 3 to 5 records £5.30; 6 to 12 records £8.20; 13 or more records £8.70 for the first 13 plus 50p each extra
CDs: £4.10 first copy, £1.50 each extra
Comics/Zines: £4.10 each
Flexis: 40p if you order one with something else, otherwise £4.10

USA, Australia/NZ, Japan, Rest Of World airmail:
LPs / 12"s / 10"s: 1 LP £8.20; 2 or 3 LPs £13.30; 4 or more LPs £18.50 for the first 4 plus £5.00 each extra
7"s: 1 or 2 records £5.15; 3 records £7.75; 4 to 7 records £10.70; 8 or more records £12.30 for the first 8 plus £1 each extra
CDs: £5.15 first copy, £2.70 each extra
Comics/Zines: £5.15 each
Flexis: 50p if you order one with something else, otherwise £5.15

All enquiries to:

Please email to check the availability of records before ordering and to check the total postage. If you wish to order records and pay by cheque please send an email to get the address. Thank you!