Below is a complete list of records and CDs that Wrench Records Mailorder currently have in stock. If you wish to buy any of the items below, you will first of all need to check the postage rates. Postage rates for single items to the UK are shown in the right hand column of the table; if you are ordering more than one item, or you are from outside the UK, please check the postage rates at the bottom of this screen. Once you have done this, you may either pay by post (address at the bottom of this screen) or by Paypal.

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Artist Title Format Price (£) Post to UK (£)
CAMARO ROUGEGot A Crane In My HeadLP6.953.20
CANADIAN RIFLECinder Block7"2.951.60
CANNICSPsycho Dad7"2.501.60
CAPPUTTINI'I LIGNUCapputtini'I LignuLP6.953.20
CARBONASplit w/ Breakaways7"2.501.60
CARDIAC ARRESTLife's A Dead End7"3.951.60
CATHOLIC BOYSDead Ball7"3.951.60
CAUSE OF DEATHRadiation Burns7"3.751.60
CAUSTIC CHRISTGovernment Job7"3.951.60
CAUSTIC CHRISTNo Love7"3.951.60
CAVE WEDDINGSLast Time7"3.951.60
CAVEMENBorn To HateCD8.951.60
CELLOPHANE SUCKERSToo Much TemptationLP6.953.20
CELLOSBomb ShelterLP6.953.20
CENTERHITSCity Girl Friend7"3.951.60
CENTERHITSSplit w/ Your Pest Band7"3.951.60
CEOL GAIDHLIG MAR SGIANGaelic Language Compil7"2.501.60
CERAMIC HOBSShaolin Master7"2.501.60
CHARGE 69Région Sacrifiée CD6.951.60
CHARLES NAPIERSRegular Forty7"2.501.60
CHARM BAGAn Andalusian DogLP7.953.20
CHARM CITY SUICIDESGreen Blood7"3.501.60
CHEB SAMIR & BLACK SOULSDon't Like Girls7"2.951.60
CHEERAKSMiss Bretzel7"2.501.60
CHEERAKSSplit w/ Normals10"5.953.20
CHELSEASod The War7"3.951.60
CHERRY VALENCEDont You Worry7"2.751.60
CHINESE LUNGSDead Girl7"2.951.60
CHIP HANNAMucho Americana7"3.751.60
CHIP HANNAOutlaws7"3.751.60
CHROMOSOMESAll Alone On The Beach Tonight7"2.501.60
CHRONICSIts Too LateLP6.953.20
CHRONICSSuggested for Mature AudiencesLP6.953.20
CIKUTARun Away7"3.501.60
CIRILSplit w/ Vaginals7"3.951.60
CITIZENS PATROLDead Children7"3.951.60
CITY SLANGSonic Crime Wave7"3.501.60
CIVIL ABUSEJustified Murder7"3.951.60
CIVIL DISOBEDIENCEIn A Few Hours of Madness7"3.951.60
CLEAN-CUTDo The Pop7"3.501.60
CLIT 45Kids Arnt Alright7"3.501.60
CLUSTER BOMB UNITAnd The Dirty Little Weapons7"3.951.60
COCK SPARRERMade In EnglandCD6.951.60
COCO COBRA & THE KILLERSBaby You Done Me Wrong7"3.951.60
COCONUT COOLOUTSPunkhouse7"3.951.60
CODE 13A Part Of America Died Today7"3.951.60
CODE 13Doomed Society7"3.951.60
COLD CALLERSAlright Girl7"3.501.60
COMEONFEELRed Heart Beat7"3.951.60
CONFESSIONSBeautiful Sin7"2.501.60
CONTRABoys Club AnthemsCD6.951.60
COOTERSBustin Loose7"3.951.60
COPY MASTERFive By X7"0.501.60
CORY CASEWaiting On A RemedyLP6.953.20
COWBOY PROSTITUTESPirate Town7"3.751.60
COWSLINGERSOld One Eye7"2.751.60
COYOTEMENMaskarado (Pic Disc)LP6.953.20
CRACKBOXIn Love Must Mean Stupid7"3.751.60
CRACKS & SCARSStick To Your GunsLP6.953.20
CRANKED UPSplit w/ Neon Maniacs7"3.951.60
CRASH NORMALHeavy ListeningLP6.953.20
CREDENTIALSSplit w/ Dead Uncles7"3.951.60
CRISE TOTALSplit w/ White Flag7"3.751.60
CRISPY NUTSWill7"2.751.60
CROPKNOXDo What?7"3.751.60
CURTAINS!Deep In Night CityLP7.953.20
CUTE LEPERSNo Escape7"3.501.60
CUTE LEPERSTribute To Charlie7"3.501.60
CYANIDE PILLSJohnny Thunders Lived In Leeds7"3.751.60
CYANIDE PILLSWhere Did It Go?7"3.751.60



LPs / 12"s / 10"s: 1 or 2 records £3.20; 3 to 7 records £3.60; 8 to 14 records £7.20; 15 or more records please email for quote
7"s: 1 or 2 records £1.60; 3 to 5 records £1.90; 6 to 9 records £3.00; 10 or more records £3.70 for the first 10 plus 35p each extra
CDs: 1 CD £1.60; 2 CDs £1.90; 3 to 5 CDs £3.00; 6 or more CDs £3.70 for the first 6 plus 50p each extra.
Comics/Zines: £1.60 each
Flexis: 10p if you order one with something else, otherwise £1.60

Europe airmail / Rest Of World surface mail:
LPs / 12"s / 10"s: 1 LP £6.70; 2 or 3 LPs £9.15; 4 or more LPs £11.40 for the first 4 plus £1.50 each extra
7"s: 1 or 2 records £4.25; 3 to 5 records £5.30; 6 to 12 records £8.95; 13 or more records £8.95 for the first 13 plus 50p each extra
CDs: £4.25 first copy, £1.50 each extra
Comics/Zines: £4.25 each
Flexis: 40p if you order one with something else, otherwise £4.25

USA, Australia/NZ, Japan, Rest Of World airmail:
LPs / 12"s / 10"s: 1 LP £9; 2 or 3 LPs £13.85; 4 or more LPs £16.80 for the first 4 plus £5.00 each extra
7"s: 1 or 2 records £5.25; 3 records £7.50; 4 to 7 records £11.35; 8 or more records £12.85 for the first 8 plus £1 each extra
CDs: £5.25 first copy, £2.70 each extra
Comics/Zines: £5.25 each
Flexis: 50p if you order one with something else, otherwise £5.25

All enquiries to:

Please email to check the availability of records before ordering and to check the total postage. If you wish to order records and pay by cheque please send an email to get the address. Thank you!