Below is a complete list of records and CDs that Wrench Records Mailorder currently have in stock. If you wish to buy any of the items below, you will first of all need to check the postage rates. Postage rates for single items to the UK are shown in the right hand column of the table; if you are ordering more than one item, or you are from outside the UK, please check the postage rates at the bottom of this screen. Once you have done this, you may either pay by post (address at the bottom of this screen) or by Paypal.

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Artist Title Format Price () Post to UK ()
LANDEDSplit w/ Snake Apartment7"2.951.60
LAST VEGASSplit w/ Bible Of The Devil7"2.751.60
LE FACEIsolationLP6.953.20
LEADERSState Of Shock7"3.501.60
LEAGUE OF STRUGGLEThe Nature Of The Pig Is Greed7"2.501.60
LEG HOUNDSLeg HoundsLP6.953.20
LEGAL KRIMINALPsychopaten7"2.501.60
LET'S DANCECalling All Cars7"3.501.60
LIBERTINEGuttersnipe Glamour7"3.951.60
LIFE DEATHI Got A Cold7"3.951.60
LIFE IS A LIELife Is A LieCD6.951.60
LIGHTS OUT!Destroy / CreateCD6.951.60
LIL BUNNIESBunnie Hole7"2.751.60
LIMESRock'N'Roll Heart7"3.751.60
LIVE FAST DIEBandana Thrash RecordCD6.951.60
LOCAL OAFSSplit w/ Dyke Hard7"2.751.60
LOCOMOTIONSShes Gotta Go7"2.751.60
LOITERERSSplit w Two Man Advantage7"0.501.60
LOLAEcstacy Girl7"2.751.60
LOLA COLATough Love7"3.751.60
LONDON DIRTHOLE COMPANYFor A Girl Like You7"3.751.60
LONDON DIRTHOLE COMPANYShe Said Yeah Yeah Yeah7"3.751.60
LONG DONG SILVERSplit w/ Filthy Jim7"2.751.60
LOONSMiss Clara Regrets7"3.501.60
LOS CHICOSLaunching RocketsLP6.953.20
LOS CINCOSSpacezinger7"2.501.60
LOS FREGAPLATOSLos Fregaplatos7"4.251.60
LOS PATACONASSpider-Man7"2.751.60
LOS RAW GOSPELSSplit w/ Plutones7"3.751.60
LOS RAW GOSPELSThe Blue Demon vs El Santo7"2.951.60
LOS VIGILANTESMi Mami Dijo7"4.251.60
LOT LIZARDSLeave Me Alone7"3.751.60
LOT LIZARDSLot Lizards10"5.953.20
LOT LIZARDSNightmare Creep7"2.951.60
LOUDMOUTHSSplit w. Hot Rod Honeys7"3.501.60
LOVE CITYI Can't Stop7"3.951.60
LOVE IT OR LEAVE ITFour Song7"2.951.60
LOVESORESGods Of Ancient GreaseLP9.953.20
LOW POINT DRAINSRock Your Ass7"2.951.60
LUOMAKUNTATaysin SyotavaCD-EP3.951.60
LUSHWORKERSSplit with Good Morning7"0.501.60



LPs / 12"s / 10"s: 1 or 2 records 3.20; 3 to 7 records 3.60; 8 to 14 records 7.20; 15 or more records please email for quote
7"s: 1 or 2 records 1.60; 3 to 5 records 1.90; 6 to 9 records 3.00; 10 or more records 3.70 for the first 10 plus 35p each extra
CDs: 1 CD 1.60; 2 CDs 1.90; 3 to 5 CDs 3.00; 6 or more CDs 3.70 for the first 6 plus 50p each extra.
Comics/Zines: 1.60 each
Flexis: 10p if you order one with something else, otherwise 1.60

Europe airmail / Rest Of World surface mail:
LPs / 12"s / 10"s: 1 LP 6.70; 2 or 3 LPs 9.15; 4 or more LPs 11.40 for the first 4 plus 1.50 each extra
7"s: 1 or 2 records 4.25; 3 to 5 records 5.30; 6 to 12 records 8.95; 13 or more records 8.95 for the first 13 plus 50p each extra
CDs: 4.25 first copy, 1.50 each extra
Comics/Zines: 4.25 each
Flexis: 40p if you order one with something else, otherwise 4.25

USA, Australia/NZ, Japan, Rest Of World airmail:
LPs / 12"s / 10"s: 1 LP 9; 2 or 3 LPs 13.85; 4 or more LPs 16.80 for the first 4 plus 5.00 each extra
7"s: 1 or 2 records 5.25; 3 records 7.50; 4 to 7 records 11.35; 8 or more records 12.85 for the first 8 plus 1 each extra
CDs: 5.25 first copy, 2.70 each extra
Comics/Zines: 5.25 each
Flexis: 50p if you order one with something else, otherwise 5.25

All enquiries to:

Please email to check the availability of records before ordering and to check the total postage. If you wish to order records and pay by cheque please send an email to get the address. Thank you!