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The Wrench Records label has been going since 1988, and the mailorder since 1995. The aim of the record label is to release high quality, and completely crazy, punk mayhem on vinyl. So far, Wrench Records have released records by the following bands: Rancid Hell Spawn, Johnny Throttle, Black Time, Parkinsons, Functional Blackouts, Real Losers, Loudmouths, Hot Rod Honeys, Henry Fiat's Open Sore, Lil Bunnies, the Steve McQueens, Savage Malignant, Crispy Nuts, Fifi & The Mach III, Tronics, Mensen, Superhelicopter Ltd, Sexual Abominations, and Tokyo Knives. There is a web page for each band, plus a web page for the mailorder.

Click above for the Wrench Records Mailorder page. Here you will find a complete list of records sold by Wrench Records Mailorder - over 1000 of them!
Rancid Hell Spawn have been going since 1988, making records packed with catchy, heavily distorted one-minute punk burnouts for the truly twisted, with record sleeves to match. Rancid Hell Spawn have released five albums and six singles so far, all but one on the Wrench Records label. Rancid Hell Spawn released no new material for 16 years after Teenage Lard was released in 1995 - but that changed with the release of the "Abolition Of The Orgasm" EP in 2011 and the EP "Eat My Cigarette" in 2016. There will be more Rancid Hell Spawn releases in the future - watch this space!
Newly released: "Lost Sputnik", Johnny Throttle's third single, and the second to be released on the Wrench label. Their debut release "Stukas Über Shoreditch" was released in 2009. Johnny Throttle formed in 2008 and have been playing drunken, beer-soaked gigs regularly since then. They play snotty, moronic and straight to the point punk. Probably London's snottiest punk band! They have also released material on Dirty Water Records and Crypt Records.
Released in 2010 - "More Songs About Motorcycles & Death". 6 killer tracks on a 12" EP! Black Time released their debut LP on their own label in 2004, and have since released a number of records on labels such as In The Red, Yakisakana and Bancroft.
The Parkinsons were originally based in Portugal, but were based in London for a number of years, and were one of the most popular bands on the London scene with their energetic live shows. They split up on the 27th May 2005 - their new EP "Up For Sale" was rushed out in time for their last ever show! This EP contains four tracks taken from the mixing desk at the Corn Rocket Club - all previously released, but these tracks sound better than the originals! The band are still going, and play gigs every now and again.
A new EP from those crazies from Chicago. Three tracks by the world's most noisy, trebly, wickedly inventive punk band. One of the best bands around - one of the few bands that are totally original and still totally punk rock!
Click above for some stuff about The Real Losers, yet another band to release a killer EP on the Wrench label! Their "Go Nutzoid" EP was released in early 2004, and was followed soon after by a CD release of their "Time To Lose" album which was earlier released on vinyl by Squirrel Records.
Click above for some stuff about Sweden's finest, Henry Fiat's Open Sore. So far they have released two EPs on the Wrench label, "Patmos Or Bust" from early 2003, and "Gnarly" from 1999. Nothing but raw-as-hell, one-minute songs for those of you that like raw meat!
Click above for information on this Swedish band - who comprise members of Henry Fiat's Open Sore, the Turpentines and the Blacks! Plus information on their debut EP on the Wrench label!
Click above for the lowdown on one of Norway's best ever bands, who have a single "Stand Up For Yourself" released on the Wrench label. Three stetson-wearing girls and one stetson-wearing guy!
If you think you like disortion, feedback and the treble turned as high as it can go, look no further! These crazies do all three to the extreme in their "Indicted" EP!
Click above for the Sexual Abominations home page. If you want to know what happened to Rancid Hell Spawn between 1995 and 2011, here's your answer....
The first, and so far only, split EP on the Wrench label, featuring San Francisco's finest, the Loudmouths (sadly, not going any more) and Belgium's finest, the Hot Rod Honeys (who have also called it a day. This is the curse of Wrench Records......)
Click above for some info on the Tronics, who were around from 1979 to 1983, releasing one LP, two cassette albums and a number of singles at the time. Their second cassette-LP "What's The Hubub Bub" has been re-released as a CD on the Wrench label!
Click above for some stuff about Sacramento's craziest band, the Lil Bunnies. Gawk at the sleeve of their 1998 release "Bunnie Hole"!
The Steve McQueens, from Germany, were the third band to release an EP on the Wrench label. Click above for a pic of the Steve McQueens' single "Mission To Rock".
Click above for a pic of Savage Malignant's debut single "Lucky 7".
Click above for a pic of the Crispy Nuts EP "Will", plus a couple of live photos.
Click above for details of the "New Race" EP by Japanese band Fifi and the Mach III. The title track is an absolutely cracking version of Radio Birdman's "New Race".
One of London's first punk fanzines, which ran from 1977 to 1984. Click above for a brief history!
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WATCH THIS SPACE for news on future releases on the Wrench Records label. There will be more releases on Wrench soon. They will all be extremely good. You should buy them all!

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