Wrench Records are proud to announce the release of the Parkinsons new - and probably last - release, a four-track EP "Up For Sale".

The Parkinsons started out in Portugal in 1994 under the name of the "Tedio Boys" and released three albums under that name. They quickly earned their reputations as the nation's Kings of Chaos, attracting notoriety for their impromptu gigs on top of buildings in their city centre. It was this word of mouth that got them an invite to play at Joey Ramone's birthday party in New York's Continental in 1997, an incredible honour for a little known act, and they never looked back - touring Portugal with the likes of The Fall and John Spencer in 1997/98.

They arrived in London in 2000 and have played regularly since then, under the name of "The Parkinsons" - their gigs proved to be some of the most riotous of recent times. As "The Parkinsons" they have released two CDs and a number of singles. They decided to call it a day this year - their final gig was at the Dirty Water Club at the Boston Arms on the 20th May 2005. Their "Up For Sale" EP was rushed out in time for this gig - it comprises four previously-released tracks, recorded live at their second-last ever gig at the Corn Rocket Club in Stoke Newington.

The final line-up of the Parkinsons was: Victor Torpedo (guitar/vocals); Pedro Chau (bass), and Eric Baconstrip (drums); they were joined on stage at their final gig by original singer Afonso, who is now singer for Johnny Throttle.

For more information on the Parkinsons, check out web site www.the-parkinsons.com.

This EP is still available from Wrench Records mailorder.

And if you still think that you might not like the EP, read this review (from Maximum Rock'n'Roll, August 2005):